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UTV racing will start at approximately 2:00pm Sunday

We will have a UTV parade lap as soon as the last bike race is finished (Approx. 2:00) with the race starting immediately after.

Due to the small property at Village Creek, we will post a revised schedule. Only room for one track means we will not host ATVs. UTVs will race later in the day on Sunday than usual.

4840 Shelby Rd. in Ft. Worth TX 76140

GPS: 32.614785, -97.254303


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Tentative 2016 Race Schedule

* March 12/13 - UTV Only special Event (points race)
1 March 19/20 - Oak Hill MX
2 April 9/10 - Endeavor Bridgeport
3 April 30/ May 1 - Endeavor Bridgeport (track switch)
4 May 21/22 - Boyd TX
5 June 11/12 - Twin Hills (Bridgeport TX)
6 July 9/10 - Legacy Farms
7 August 27/28 - Village Creek MX
8 September 17/18 - Twin Hills
9 October 8/9 - Canton TX
10 October 29/30 - Warsaw TX
11 November 19/20 - Combine TX

TORN (Texas Off-Road Nationals) is a family owned and operated Christian racing organization. We race UTVs, ATVs, and Dirtbikes on both Saturday and Sunday about once a month. We hold races because we have a love for the sport and for the people racing. We hope to see you out and enjoying the weekend with us soon.